Clinical Experiences


Responsibilities of all students

  • Follow the process for Clinical Experiences placement as required by PeaceHealth:
    1. Complete the necessary paperwork, clearly and thoroughly
    2. Fulfill all of the necessary requirements
    3. Follow-through with your placement contact person
  • Arrive for your experience on time, properly attired and prepared for your experience. Check in at the main desk of the department you have been assigned.
  • Abide by all applicable PeaceHealth rules, regulations, policies, and procedures for Student Experiences, including security, confidentiality, and privacy of information as identified in the orientation materials. Report any injuries or exposures immediately to the PeaceHealth supervisor responsible in your area and to your instructor/advisor for the school.
  • Demonstrate the PeaceHealth behavioral expectation for staff, volunteers and students with every interaction while on site.
  • Adhere to the PeaceHealth Mission, Values and Promise.


Description: Conduct a person-to-person informational interview with a PeaceHealth employee.
Purpose: An opportunity to explore careers in health care
Duration: Maximum 30 minutes

  • You do not have to submit any paperwork for approval
  • Submit your request, along with your written questions, to Student Experiences Coordinator by fax: 541-431-9161.
  • You will receive your contact information via email reply
  • Dress in appropriate attire
  • Prepare to be on site no less than five minutes prior to the agreed time

Job Shadow

Description: Follow and observe a staff member during their work hours.  Limited to high school age students or community members and above.
Purpose: Gain clearer insight into health care career opportunities
Duration: One day, to two eight-hour days

Clinical Rotation - High School

Description: This experience is limited to high school age students. Students may rotate through a maximum of three health care sites/departments. These sites would include one general nursing unit, one ancillary department (for example medical records or radiology) and one specialty unit (for example Emergency Department or Mother/Baby).
Purpose: To gain a deeper insight into health care career opportunities and to compare the different job responsibilities.
Duration: Varies by school (maximum 24 hours).

Clinical Rotation - College

Description: For college students enrolled in healthcare programs only. Purpose: To practice hands-on skills under the direct supervision of an instructor.
Duration: Varies by school program requirements (20-400 hours).

Internship - High School

Description: Open to advanced Health Career high school students only. Students work at one site with an employee preceptor.
Purpose: To provide an opportunity to focus on a specific career by observation.
Duration: Varies by school (20 hour maximum).

Internship - College (includes practicums, co-operatives, & clerkships)

Description: Limited to students enrolled in school programs only. Student works with a designated staff preceptor.
Purpose: To provide an opportunity to focus on career specific knowledge, learn skills particular to that position and to fulfill necessary clinical hours required for course completion.
Duration: Varies by school, student and site (20-200 hours).

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