Clinical Experiences


Responsibilities of teachers and placement coordinators

  • Assist the student/participant in following the process for Clinical Experiences placement as required by PeaceHealth: 
    o complete the necessary paperwork, clearly and thoroughly 
    o fulfill all of the necessary requirements
    o follow through with the placement contact person
  • Encourage the student/participant to arrive for the experience on time, properly attired and prepared.
  • Inform the student/participant to abide by all applicable PeaceHealth rules, regulations and code of ethics for Clinical Experiences and to comply with all policies and procedures of PeaceHealth, including the security, confidentiality, and privacy of information as identified in the orientation materials. Ensure that any discussions regarding the Clinical Experience do not include any of the following patient identifiers:
    o Names (initials are acceptable)
    o Street address and/or city
    o Birth date (age is acceptable), admission date, discharge date, and/ or date of death
    o Telephone numbers
    o Electronic mail addresses
    o Social security number
    o Medical record number
    o Account numbers
    o Full face photographic images and any comparable images
  • Report any injuries or exposures immediately to the PeaceHealth supervisor of the clinical area the student/participant are assigned. Assist the student/participant in follow-up procedures for any injuries or exposures.
  • Furnish PeaceHealth's unit personnel with a schedule of dates and hours for Clinical Experiences, as well as a list of eligible students (students who have been cleared through PeaceHealth Learning & Development Department) with their telephone numbers and instructor contact information.

Type of Experiences

You can view all of the types of experiences offered by PeaceHealth by selecting a category below:

Placement Process

Our placement process is set up to be student generated and as easy as ABC:

A - Application: all students requesting a clinical experience must submit a completed application* and signed confidentiality statement before being considered for placement.
* Incomplete forms will delay the placement process.

B - Be patient: please know that applications giving less than one week notice may not be processed. If submitting applications for groups of students, please do so all together, otherwise they will be processed individually.

C - Communication: Applications will be processed in the order they are received (if you have not received a reply after five business days, please contact us for an update).

Affiliation Agreement Information

We must enter into a written affiliation agreement to create a joint partnership to support Clinical Experiences for students.

Please contact us for more information.

PeaceHealth Learning & Development
Attn: Student Placements
1255 Hilyard St., Eugene, Oregon 97401
Or Fax application to: (541) 349-5503
Questions? Please call (541) 686-8527