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Traditionally, right after the holidays, many of us declare our intentions for the next twelve months. With these resolutions, we set lofty, nearly unachievable goals and start off full steam ahead to change our lives. However, within weeks, most of us have reverted to our pre-holiday habits and feel like change is just out of reach – again.

This year, we encourage you to set S.M.A.R.T. goals — Specific, Measurable, Attainble, Realistic, and Timely! Also, check out our new "Healthy You" program, designed to help as you take steps to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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Risk Assessments & Management Tools

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals Personal Health Assessment PeaceHealth HEALTHY YOU Program​
Learn About Fitness Graded Exercise Progress Chart Adding More Activity to Your Life​
Healthy Eating for Life MyFitnessPal Choose My Plate
Diabetes Basics Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment American Diabetes Association
Diabetes Symptoms Healthwise Learning Center
Diagnosing Diabetes and
Learning about Prediabetes​
Prediabetes Health Changes You Can Make (Video -2:25)
Living with Diabetes Diabetes 24/7 - Blood Tracking Tool 4 Steps to Manage Your Diabetes for Life
Managing Stress and Diabetes 10-Minute Tools for Managing Stress
Breast Cancer Prevention Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool Lowering Your Breast Cancer Risk​
Early Detection​ Get Screening Reminders by Email Detecting Breast Cancer Early
Warning Signs & Symptoms Test Your Breast Cancer IQ
7 Things to Know About Getting a Mammogram DECISION POINT: When Should You Start Having Mammograms? American Cancer Society Screening Recommendations
Screening Test & Diagnostic Tools Your Man Reminder App Screening Questions to Ask Your Doctor​
Emerging Areas in Early Detection HerStory App
Healthy Behaviors Create an Early Detection Plan

​Living Well Alaska Program


POW Living Well Alaska Program

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**Postponed to January 2015**

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4 Steps to Managing Your Diabetes for Life ​Diabetes Risk Test

I Have Diabetes

Living With Diabetes

Living with Heart Disease Heart Attack Risk Assessment

Answers by Heart

Heart Attack: Know the Symptoms

Learn What a Heart Attack Feels Like

Make Positive Lifestyle Changes
While Living With Cancer

Lifetime Risk of Developing Cancer

ACS ​Tools & Calculators

Early Diagnosis is Key to Survival: What are the Tests?

Healthy Living After a Stroke ​My Life Check: Life's Simple 7

Spot a Stroke FAST

Make a New Life Resolution

Arthritis: What You Can Do Track & React - Arthritis Assessment Tool Living with Arthritis Checklist
What is ​Chronic Lung Disease

​COPD Management Tool


​Living with Lung Disease: A Life Change

Lung Connection Community

​IMMUNIZATIONS Do I Need Any Vaccinations Today? Download CDC App
Easy to Read Immunization Schedules for Parents ​CDC - Schedules
Measles Vaccine: At a Glance Measles Vaccine: Who Needs It? ​CDC - MMR
Chickenpox Vaccine: What Everyone Should Know Who Needs a Chickenpox Vaccine? ​CDC - Chickenpox
Adults Need Vaccines, Too What Vaccines Do Adults Need? CDC  - Adult Schedule
Protect Yourself Against Shingles: Get Vaccinated! CDC - Shingles
Polio: At a Glance ​CDC - Polio
Tetanus: Who Needs to be Vaccinated? CDC -Tetanus
CDC Says "Take 3" Actions to Fight the Flu People at High Risk of Developing Flu-Related Complications  ​CDC- Influenza
Examining the Skin for Skin Cancer

American Cancer Society

Heat-Related Illness ​Warning Signs of Heat-Related Illness CDC
​Bites and Stings National Institutes of Health

Easy Steps to Fit a Bike Helmet

Head Injuries

Brain Injury Symptoms Alaska Brain Injury Network
Basics of Boating Safety Safe Boating Checklist National Safe Boating Council
Alcohol & Drug Problems Do you have a drinking problem? Alcholics Anonymous
How to Quit Smoking Are you ready to quit? Alaska Tobacco Quitline
Food Poisoning and Food Safety Dangerous Food Safety Mistakes
What are the warning signs of a heart attack?

Are you at risk ​​for heart  attack?

​American Heart Association​


​How to improve your sleep.               ​


National Institutes of Health
Watch a video on the principles
of Exercise and Heart Health

Exercise & Mental Health

Change your eating habits

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