Our Promise


Our promise is a short cut to defining what PeaceHealth stands for and will consistently deliver to patients, their families and the communities we serve. It is the driver of what we want to be known for and is evident in our actions, decisions and messages with the goal of delivering a consistent, positive patient experience. 

We hold our promise in the highest regard and work to ensure it is delivered consistently with every encounter. Our promise is reinforced in all of our communications and interactions. As PeaceHealth caregivers, stewardship of our promise is essential to advancing a consistent, highly-valued experience throughout the PeaceHealth system of care.

Below are some key messages inherent in the PeaceHealth Promise.

  • Delivering on the PeaceHealth promise is about building trust with our patients and communities so they clearly understand who we are and what they can expect to receive from PeaceHealth, at every encounter.
  •  The spirit of healing is true and authentic for PeaceHealth. It strengthens and reinforces our commitment to service excellence and reinforces unity and alignment with our mission and values.
  • The spirit of healing goes beyond practicing medicine and involves caring for not just the body, but also spiritual care and emotional care of our patients and families. The way in which care is provided is compassionate and human-centered, individual to each patient and family’s needs.
  • We are sensitive to the unique preferences of individual patients, and treat patients and family members as active, informed participants in the care process.
  • From our faith tradition, healing and compassionate care involves healing in a holistic sense: physical, emotional, and spiritual, as well as high quality medical treatment.
  • Our caregivers are in service to our patients, bringing the mission and values of the Sisters to life in their day-to-day work. 
  •  The physical settings in which we care for patients and their family members offer a sacred place for healing, comfort, and renewal.
  • We are committed to working collaboratively in our communities to provide seamless health care services across the continuum.

Working together, we can ensure that our patients, their families, our employees, and the communities we serve know us for our promise, The spirit of healing.​​​