At PeaceHealth, we’re shining a grateful spotlight on those meaningful gestures, kind words, generous smiles and gracious spirits that can transform a day – those everyday moments of grace. Read on to experience a few #everydaymoments and click to share yours.

Bullwinkle in a gift shop

Anonymous gift snuggles into young parents’ hearts

Troubleshooting at the eleventh hour

Caregiver works after-hours to set up videoconference

Delaying surgery for a reason

Attentive nursing staff take extra time for special care
Quaas-Annsa children

Never too early to pay it forward

Kids follow parents’ model in giving

In sickness and in health

Angelic acts unite elderly couple in hospital

I'll sit with the baby

Tender NICU scene still moves caregiver years later

Care team gets in tune at huddle

Nurse lead “orchestrates” patient support

Team amazes family of hospice patient

Calm compassion defines moments in caring culture

Distant memory still stirs emotion

Nurse recalls experience both heart-breaking and heart-warming

Comfort for family in final days with father

Nurse gives guidance, voice for peaceful experience